Anyone have ideas of how to make a Sherman tank out of props?

I need it for something


You use barriers, metal panels, metal poles, wooden poles and shields circle.

Sorry, but what is a Sherman Tank? Like a military tank?

A specific model of tank, yes.

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Yes, a USA ww2 tank. I have made some, very old though. But they are small, boxy and not very strong.

Correction, USA tank.
Screenshot 2023-12-06 12.13.04 PM

wait what? its an american tank silly

Okay thanks! This guide sounds interesting! Could we put a picture of the finished product?
Hello, @Gimkitsuggestor, are you by any chance making a war map?

Ah-ha! Thanks @WolfTechnology

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I realized that, german was the panzar.

*panzer and funny enough it means tank

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use a boat and turn it black?

Won’t look like the shape.

That is a good idea! Here is a quick design I made!

Like this
oh somone else made a better rough draft

@Gimkitsuggestor I used a boat upside down, shields for wheels, a barrier on top with a wooden pole sticking out and tinted it all black :slight_smile:

I will be making a different tank soon, so maybe you can use that

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also @Gimkitsuggestor could you send a reference picture

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Screenshot 2023-12-06 10.29.23 AM

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Give me 10 minutes and I will have my version of a sherman.