Anyone have any icon-images i can use?

basically that thing up there

For the items-icons, do
items/Item Name

For the Icons, do
icons/Icon Name

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Screenshot 2023-11-07 7.38.59 PM

Put your icon/item-icon there.
Which part are you confused?

im trying to use and emoji but it wont work

You can’t use an emoji in the “Icon Image” setting.
Try putting the emoji in a textbox or the title/content of a popup/notification.

what? <> huh? (bruuuuuuh) im confused

In the link Haiasi posted, when you click on one of the picture options, you can paste a string of text into the Icon Image area. For example, items/Snowball Launcher would be a picture of a snowball launcher and icons/Speed would be a picture of the speed icon. Any questions?

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Refer to my previous post:

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