Anyone good at blending styles?

Blending medieval x tech styles, but I’m struggling

(This is a castle map)

I have a lab, library, servants quarters, blastball court, and gardens in my castle and am planning on adding farms, a throne room, maybe some more bedrooms…possibly a bathroom of sorts?

Please let me know if you have style blending tips or more ideas for my castle…I’d really appreciate it.

And also, if anybody knows how to use repeaters…could you send me a guide?

Hmm. Try and find props that don’t clash, but can be separated by the different themes. For example, a library with bookshelfs, space couches, and some small decorations.
Repeater guide:

TYSM @MirMirCreates

I’m gong to leave this forum open for ideas for new rooms…my goal is to have a MASSIVE map.

Does anyone know how to make a dungeon?

what do you need help with repeaters about?..also try to find matching colors and props…your colors and props do not match…make it so they match.

yes i do know how to do that.

I use tints for that…right? Also is it just me or are the space beds ugly…because i keep getting told to put them in builds.

they kind of are…anyways, your big blending styles problem is the terrain!
pick terrain that matches and the rest should look better even if props don’t match well!
and make the shape of the map not look bunched up or irregular try to make it somewhat symetrical rooms…

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