Anybody got ideas for my survival map?

map with a bunker and you have to survive a “zombie” (plant sentries) apocalypse with a thing like you need water and food (fish) to survive but i need some more ideas and also how to make sentries move. (example of ideas a friend of mine said to add a military sentry team) i ran out of replies for 3 hours

Deactivate the old sentries and activate new sentries but it would take a lot of memory and work

Add a village with friendly traders.


unfortunately, moving sentries isn’t really something you can do in gimkit creative. however, this guide has a sort of workaround. as a matter of fact, the definition of sentry is “a soldier stationed to keep guard or to control access to a place.” with stationed meaning assigned a specific location to stay in and not move.

as for more ideas, can you be more specific? ideas for features, decoration, what?

Maybe add a task bar? Or even some quest to help the player Gain “EXP” such as
-Charisma = Get better rewards and easier quest.
-Damage = More damgae done with this specific weapon
-Health = increases health
That’s all i can think of rn for the Task and Quest!

puzzles. mazes and like iq tests that kill if you get it wrong

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