Any tips to make this look better?

then it looks even MORE like top down because part of the object is obscured

eh, I don’t really care if people know my name like, its LITERALLY my username ( no my names not skeeter lol )

maybe add a nightstand with a lamp on it next to the bed? you could also add a cup of water on it too. a carpet would look nice aswell.

it’s in his bio, too
Screenshot 2024-04-12 3.32.32 PM

I’m just him fr fr :fire: :fire: :fire:

yeah but its not really hiding if you can see there username

not exactly the best of the best, but it’ll do!

there’s going to be a monster thing (I’ll figure that out later) but yeah, basically the FNAF system, it will mostly be downstairs sometimes coming up then a timer starts (3 seconds) before you can turn on the lights to scare them off or hide under bed starts a 10 second timer (does not decrease the INGAME timer to beat the “night”)

the light switch takes 2 seconds to turn on because HECK YOU

not you specifically, just the players :troll face:

welp I got to go, classes are switching cya tomorrow (or today if I’m lucky)

so, i’m guessing it’s a very big/heavy lightswitch?

oh wait, MARK A SOLUTION!!! before u go!

Make it transparent.

time to be annoying:
Do you mean “translucent”? transparent means see thru, and translucent means not totally see thru…

Items/things you might want to add in the room:
Armor stand
Make the room dark
Dirt/Mud tracks that look like ketchup

Maybe call it “ketchup”…

The changes have been made :wink: ketchup lol

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:insert thousand yard stare :

You could make a space map similar to the Star Fox themed one in the original smash 64