Any suggestions on how to improve my Among Us map?

So this is my among us map. I made the voting system myself by using bits and pieces from other guides but I did all the code. I made the impostore get a qauntum portal wich is a lot harder to use but somtims more fun. Im not 100% sure if the voting system is flawless but it mostly works. The game includes pretty much evreything but reactor sabotage is a bit bugged and i dont know why. Theres a wires task astroids and also clean filters but for whatever reason the second time someone enters the wires task one of the completed wires dosent disapeer and its diffrent every time so I dont think its a bug with my code. Looking forward to yall’s advice and ways to improve. Thanks!
And yes I know the wires task is a mess.


That is fifteen to twenty times more impressive than the map I’m making. I don’t know what among us plays like, but as a mechanics heavy penguin, I know that that looks fun! Nice job!


I think it looks great! If you want to make the map a bit more accurate, look at this guide.


thanks the game runs generally smoothly exept for me using a qauntum portal for the impostor cause i couldnt get the kill button to work I followed a guide but it still didnt work for whatever reason.


yeah @RickStachely made a working kill button but it did not work all the time.

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That is indeed a problem.

the code for the kill button seems like it should work consistently and i found no problems with it so i dont know why i had this problem

yeah it worked 4/8 times so it is weird and i don’t understand it.

so for my voting system i used a guide by khangvn29 which is super simple but i modified the block code to acomidate for 6 players and did it over 3 triggers because of the 75 block code limit. Im pretty sure it works but im wondering if u see any problems if not I might make a guide on it. Theres more blockcode but its all really the same but for other teams.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 4.52.17 PM

this is a old screen shot and these codes are actually expanded to check team 5 and 6 now to.


oops accidentally clicked solution if i uncheck it it wont still close the topic right?

hmmm, well idk what you want me to help you on, im an Designer, not a coder, so im a bit lost on what to do, and no it won’t until 3 hours

That’s very impressive! I started an among us map a while ago, but never got far with it… (I have a problem with never being able to finish maps)


thanks for the help anyway. Also your games and posts i’ve seen you make are really cool.


Tbh, me to I started this the Middle of last school year worked on it a bit finished most of the map forgot about for like an entire year until this year i finally started coding and now im finished.

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It won’t.

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Thanks, i try to do my best and help out were i can.

Next time (or edit it) scratch out the code

This is really impressive. (no, I don’t have suggestions)



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I think you should use transmissions instead of wires most of the time. (sorry if I told you something you already know.)