Any new ideas for me

I am making a hide and seek map and lots have people have helped me I will make a credit poster to you. Although I need some more ideas since my map takes place in a library including a basement with fun puzzles. Here are some pictures.

Feel free to add some ideas.

< this looks good! >

This looks great! And wow, made on iPad?

What about a secret passageway through a bookshelf door?

This looks like a good game, but you should edit the game codes out.

I’ve done that already its in a bookshelf

you should make speed upgrads

Add a bunch of sport courts

Add a secret FNAF easter egg, like a idk, “Feddy Waz HERE” or something.

it has been 4 month since the last post on this and I think the user that made this left

please check the dates when you reply to a post


Ya don’t say, Really? I didn’t realize until right AFTER I posted it.

do you have a secret passage behind bookcase?