Any Mechanic Challenge?

I didn’t think I would be asking for ideas here, but I am so incredibly dry of ideas that I don’t even want to make games anymore. Just certain mechanics.

Any ideas of mechanic challenges?

They can be easy like making timers, or hard.

Four player monopoly style rent, Four team Sorry

Make a device contraption that does log

Make a device that does trig. If you want harder challenges, someone will pop on the forums with a question eventually, and it will stump almost everyone

trig or exp functions? let’s try

Something that successfully hides the kill chat without any messages popping up, not even for half a second.

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a device contraption that does trig would be too time-consuming for me

Make an optimized voting system.

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I decided to make THE PACER TEST!!!

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What!? That…is innovative…

Ah, the pacer test.
We all loved that, didn’t we?


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They already exist in block code lol

Try a graphing calculator, I had a lot of fun with that, you might too

I think you have a different meaning of fun :joy:

@Blackhole927 can you share the publish link of the graphing calculator?

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Well yeah, but @ClicClac meant like a calculator where it can do any trig function for anything

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Also @ClicClac you’re now the most liked person on the forums. Congrats!


If you click on Blackhole’s profile and go into the bio, you can see the link to the calculator in the description.

Thanks! I’m about to go on a week long vacation, so I might lose that title pretty quickly.