Any Map Suggestions?

so basically i have this map its “All Items in Gimkit” and i have
Every Npc Skin

i have every terrain

and right now (almost) every prop?

Just What else should i add im trying to get as much as i can and im going until 100% memory
So bring on the ideas!

(BTW technically not advertising)

Add a lot of the ball devices that wastes memory

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Yep, not advertising since you’re not posting your game here.

What about Every Device? (although that would take a buncha load of memory)

ive added every single color of blastball
Screenshot 2024-02-13 8.22.30 PM

But people cant see most of the devices
but good suggestion

What about every weapon also? And just in case the players mess around with the blastball, add an invisible barrier around the blastballs.

yea including sorting them by rarites lololo

forgot about that

ive done that in fact ive made a huge map thing for like pvp maps its like 10 in one gimkit game
(not rlly 10 but im getting there)

Scribble out the g@me c0de

its old its fine i took it like 4h ago

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But still g@me c0des are not allowed here

they’re fine if inacitve

how about every single item?

Every single emoji. Have fun.