Any ideas / tips for my battle royale game

any ideas/tips would be very helpful for my solo battle royal map

Ideas for poi’s

new features I should add


You should look through battle royale guides!

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Add crates, shootable loot boxes, NPC’s, A chat system!

Don’t forget to look in the battle-royale tag!

Thank you for the ideas

Where would I place links for games?

Is it on a different thing like discord?

never mind I got it.

Use this for your POI question.

You could use camera views to adjust the fov/pov of players in certain areas.

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Some random ideas:

  • secret rooms
  • secret loot
  • secret routes
  • trading sentries
  • lore
  • easter eggs
  • a good lobby
  • trolls
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Thank you for the ideas

i’m gonna get started on it

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