Any ideas I should add into my ragemaze map?

(Don’t mind the sentries)

How does it look? Are there any places that could use improvement?

The Control Room

(sort of like the hacks room)

Pro tip: ( 📢 PSA!) Always make a control room

oh yeah i forgot about the tags thank you @twofoursixeight

Oh oops the code! How do u edit it out?

When you take a screen shot you can edit it and just color over it.

Ohhhh i just refreshed tho do I stilll have to

I was just suggesting ( 📢 PSA!) Always make a control room to them

is this getting off topic?

i just wanted ideas but…

My idea was to extend the map and add to the control room if needed

0.o that seems well very tough anyways you could make land mines that have an indicator and random popups every where to make more ragey

Ok! Ima mark a solution.

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