Any ideas for thumbnail?

I wanna make it, but do yall have suggestions? This is what I have so far.
Screenshot 2024-04-17 11.55.26 AM

No, It looks really good.
The background looks nice, the font is really nice…
I wouldn’t change anything if I was forced to.
Good job!

Other than that,
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I Like it, keeping the font for sure, just kinda wanna make the cartoony gims blend better with the background.

It’s really cool! And the font is also. But there isn’t really a part that shows a Dungeon. nevertheless, It is SUPER nice.

Alright, I guess I’ll keep it

Bro, that is great it is awesome

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There’s a pre-redesign Gim where the legs are part of the body and a a post redesign Gim. Also, the style do the gims does not mesh with the background at all.

ik that’s why i wanted suggestions

That’s actually really cool! What website or software did you use to make it?

I have photoshop on my pc which I is where I really cook up, but I used canva for this on a school computer

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