Any ideas for a new mechanic i could work on?

for example like using certain items to do things or make it so that you can make like a fading text (which i already did a guide on)

How about fnaf securicty cams

already a guide on that tho i could make a different version of it

A way to make prop animation, but easier and for bigger master pieces.

Maybe a death animation?

could use triggers with block code on them but the problem is there is no delay block in the code so could use instead of triggers code maybe?

No like simplify it for 100+ prop designs that look like they are moving in a movie, perfect animation.

i couldnt figure out the coordinate system but i suppose i could find simpler guides and hmmmm that would require a delay less than 0.1 so yes indeed it is complicated but possible thing to do @WolfTechnology as there has been ways to make the delay less than 0.1 i think i saw a couple help posts on it

Oh, well I don’t read much device post unless I think I can help. But what about revive systems, like you don’t die after death, but cant move until a player revise you?

so technically if it moves fast enough with lets say 4-5 props/other stuff it could maybe make the illusion of it moving

hmm that would require a button, a relay and a team switcher but it could only revive a random player and the button would be in a fixed position so it could be useful for like idk beast escape i think it was called?

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