Any ideas for a gymnaisum?

My Gym looks pretty empty besides the flags. What should i do to make it decent?

Hmm, you could recreate workout equipment…
Or maybe a climbing wall using layers.
You could also see if you could put something blue on the wall so it looks like the mats.
Let me see if I can do anything…

Try adding a Basketball court.

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Or maybe a climbing rope, volleyball net, maybe make a pool next to the gym, Or different color barriers tinned to make the lines on the gym floor. IDK anything. You should also put some hydration drinks in the corner.
Oh and I made dumbbells:
Materials needed: 2x Heavy hammer

Put one on the ground and rotate the other around so that their tips are meeting, then put them closer together and boom:
Screenshot 2024-02-03 8.07.04 AM

You can add the ideas tag to this if you would like