Any ideas anybody?

No i have not read it

What about a wizard map, like harry potter? No one has done that yet. There are the wooden wands weapon.

do you know anyone who has read it

So in my Cod Zombies map, i should reference Harry Potter?

I have, and every movie.

You can its CREATIVE for a reason, be wild and creative.

the hunger games and/or harry potter

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No i do not know anyone who read it.

What book series have you read?

Wdym. I only have read diary of a wimpy and idk how to reference that. Black and white room and props?

Um, you can ask people on the forum how to make a map based on a book or series, and I do know the hunger game series. So I could help, so could many others.

Ok thanks i’ll try some time

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ok sorry i’m new to this

No worries, you will get used to it soon, but just to give you some advise, you might want to read the community guidlines so you know the rules.

ok idk where to read that but i dig into everything on websites so i’ll find it.

Here is a link to it directly

ideas? gee, i don’t know…

A large supermarket a factory or a school

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