Any ideas anybody?

I need help on making a room in a map. It’s supposed to be like Cod Zombies, so i’m still thinking. So far, i have a basketball court room, an abandoned movie theater room and the starting room.

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beach so yeah

So you think it should be a beach area?

I’m always going to be taking any ideas. I need more ideas for my map

Yeah or nah. I guess it seems unique

You could do a cafeteria-like room, with there being tables everywhere.

Hi again, I did an airport for mine, a cool idea, could be a mall or parking garage, with several levels, or at least that is what I will do for my mall map

Maybe a little indoor pond, forest, optical illusion, garage, 70s 80s 90s themes… just listing off random ideas.

Cool basically i might as well make an area similar to something like Shadows Of Evil or Nacht

@Cod_Zombies make sure to mark a solution if anything helps. Another idea is to just make a shopping center. It could be abandoned, or functional to upgrade weapons.

Ok. I’m thinking functional, but idk how to make the weapon upgrades.

the weapon raritys increase, so they deal more damage and hold more rounds, it says it when you select a weapon.

Just an idea : what if you made a hunger games map.

lol i never watched that before

Have you read the series?

No i have not read it

What about a wizard map, like harry potter? No one has done that yet. There are the wooden wands weapon.

do you know anyone who has read it

So in my Cod Zombies map, i should reference Harry Potter?

I have, and every movie.