Any 1 wanna help me make a really cool map

if yes i’ll try to respond soon and you can help

You cant put codes here, but you can put them in the wix!
Here’s a link to the wix:

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what kind of map is it?

if you want to help i’ll try to replay to it as soon as possib

idk yet
you can help brain storm

You could also post codes on the padlet:
I will help

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I have some mechanics in my guides. And if you play Roblox, you will understand what I’m about to say. You could make an eviction notice map. Simplified of course.

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I would help but Im pretty busy with my own game- sorry…

thx for all this :smiley: it helps alot

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thats a really good idea i can work with that

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I can help you. I’m not gonna get in, but PM me of any problems you might have. And I can give you some ideas.

( I dont think you can PM on these forums- please correct me if im wrong though)

Can’t you just do @(Name)???

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Whoops. Oh well. Never mind that.

you can make a moon map where you have to harvest moon rocks and uncover the secrets on the moon. (not really me helping you make the map but just a idea.)

Maybe, I dont know- I’ve just never seen anyone mention anything about PMs-

True. I don’t know what I was thinking. :expressionless:

But, If I do @C-C then don’t you get a notification in the top right?

Now we should probably get back on topic…


Well I mean like no one’s talking about how it works- theres nothing on explaining it.
Thats what i mean-

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