Anti air craft weapons

does anyone have any designs for and aircraft weapons, or any other designs?

Do you want this in a Gimkit game or hand-drawn?

gimkit, please i am making a battleship game

maybe a mortar on one of the boats you did say you were making a battleship game just make a mortar boat

i want it to be based off of the missouri

i’m pretty sure that everyone has a mortar boat mortars boats have these weapons that lock onto people/boats and aircrafts

can you make me one to show me

Just 1 thing: I’m not good at this type of stuff, but just a heads up, if your publishing this map with the art, you might not be able to as the community guidelines say it needs to be appropriate for 6 year olds, aka kindergarteners. If your not publishing it though, it should be ok.

Just a heads up though! I can’t do art well, so just wanted to inform.

its fine im not good at it either

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you could use metal rods for the artillery guns, and then some metal signs for the base. try experimenting