Another theory i it possible?

since gimkit runs on js (javascript) is it possible to convert js to block code and vice versa? if so maybe we can change max health whilst in game without needing a health granter i might try to be ambitious on this and find a way if theres not a solution


I don’t think this is possible

….maybe that’s possible, u should try

ima ask some code experts ima ping em rq @Shdwy @getrithekd yall online?

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Yep! I believe bh was working on this. Rithek also wanted to help, last I checked. Bypassing the built-in limits isn’t a question of how we use block code, though, that’s more relevant to how the game is structured.

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When it runs, block code is compiled to JavaScript. This means you can abuse the nuances of Js if you want.

As for bypassing limits, that’s more modding/hacking you’re talking about, and some stuff is possible, but for the most part not. It’s not a good idea to make games that rely on mods to function, either.

(And no, you can’t break device limits with code. I tried.)

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Here before it blows up

interesting im gonna research js when i get back home

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