Another question (the 4rth one)

Ok, so how do I make it so when a notification appears it sends you to the map with the highest counter value/votes?

um, @Foxy , the guide does not rly tell u how to do the teleporting part…

You can use checkers to compare and then broadcast a message depending on what won each teleporter will respond to a different channel

Could you show me exactly how to do that in pics, @Foxy ? (sry my brains lacking today too)

Does your system already decide what won?

not really… @Foxy , I mean it shows the players the one with the highest count but does not really have anything in the system to decide which one won exactly.

I mean, would this block code basically do good for it, @Foxy ?

Do you have some pics of your block code?

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I just sent the block code. Here, lemme send it again:

I can only see half of it

Oh, let me get 2 pictures.

So broadcasting the message on the channel is how you see the highest?

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Yes, I guess so, @Foxy

Um, so what do I do now? Do I like hook up checkers or smthing?

So teleport people to a map when it received a message from the corresponding channel (if you want it to wait a bit use a relay and a wire repeater)

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It works! Thank you so much, @Foxy !

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