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How do you make it so that when a button is pressed and an item is granted, the button is deactivated? I’m trying to make it so that players can only collect 1 cash only one time at a specific place.

Screenshot 2023-12-15 9.29.12 AM


you can use a prop to become visible when you press the button and make the button disable when the prop made visible or vice versa

Yea, Check this out:

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Just have an item spawner that only spawns every 500 seconds.

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he wants the button to deactivate when its pressed not the item

Make the button broadcast on a channel and then broadcast back to deactivate itself.

Didn’t work. Any other ideas?

*Could you be specific on the counter? Maybe add pictures.

Try mine.

Wire it to a wire repeater and back to deactivate it.

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Alright. Let m’try all of this.

Instead of button and granter. Just have a spawner.

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Y’know this is much easier. Thanks. The game only lasts 10 minutes, and the cash spawns at ten minutes, so thanks. Thanks for everyone else for trying to help!

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