Another Question for my Game

Hello, everyone. I have TWO questions. I’m currently making A Baldi’s Basics game (I know, right have no idea how I got myself into it) and I need to know two things.

  • How do you create a chat system between a sentry? Like, making a dialogue when a player comes to a sentry.

  • And how do you flip a prop to face the other direction? NOT like this:

Screenshot 2023-12-15 8.55.03 AM

Thanks for reading and helping. If there’s any misunderstanding, let me know! Or for clarification.

To make the chatting more realistic, make certain popups open when a player clicks a call-to-action to chat with the sentry.

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Rotate the prop with change size.

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How do I do that? Please add an image, if you will.

On the bottom left when you click on the prop.

It’s the Button in the Bottom-Left-Corner when you select a prop/device that can be rotated.

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Like what I said.

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400! :partying_face:

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Click on it and on the bottom-left, it says change size, and rotate it,

Flip the prop then.
There’s a setting for that.

Ignore the code. I’ll remove that. Sorry.

For a safe, it does nothing.

Congrats on 400 solutions!


@Haiasi, not like that.

Wait, there’s no flip setting?

Edit: reread original post

It does nothing for a prop like that.

Ok. Thank you. Thanks for helping for the other, @Haiasi !

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Maybe try to use a barrier and match the color as close as you can to the prop

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