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Forum Tips is a similar strong category for the GimKit which could be a strong tag. Is this a good idea to suggest forum-tips as a category?

Should we add it? TL2 required to vote
  • Yes
  • No
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I have already messaged the moderators about the ideas category, just so you know.


I don’t think there should be one because it’s not a prominent enough thing to have a category for. Help and community made guides have a steady flow of topics, bugs is necessary, and devices is meh. But forum tips would only be one or two topics, and it would stop.


The forum updates consistently with new features, so some new forum tips may come out some day

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We already have an updates category though. Just add the forum tips tag when posting there, or a GKC tag when posting there.


but then the noobs (me included) can see the tips easier


Only mods can use the update category.

I know.

Since this isn’t in our hands, I suggest closing the topic with a solution!

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This does not need to be solved until an official decision has been made.

no it does not
bro what even is this

you do realize this was in September right?


This did not need to be addressed.


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