Another impossible question lol

oh wait you could you the block code thingy that uses names and make like a few of those for similar ones and give a reward to the player with the similar name using the name thing once again.

Could you show me how the block code is in a picture, @ThatGim?

I will try and find it as it is not mine and I have zero clue what it is

that is a thing, if you go into blocks and put: If player name = * insert here * do broadcast message on channel * Insert here *

alr, thanks, @ThatGim!

here you are Name-linked System (difficulty 2/10)

Just mess around with it a bit

that would work, but I wouldn’t know the players exact name…

there’s a block

hmm I guess you would have to make lots of variables then

Where? I dont see it

I’ll make a demo real quick-

alr, thanks, @UnderTheMoon

I think this might also work Backward Bear's Rithekd Clacian Myszian Wavian Haiasian Name Checker System | Difficulty: 🟩

use that then have lots of different ones for different names

alr thanks ima do that rn

You can use the Or block

but what device would i put it on?