Annex to help me please

ok so I need help making a code system with triggers and if the check is right it grants a gold keycard

Actually, I do. You sounded pretty smart. Now, let’s get back to helping.

What does it check for?

images would alot for me since I get lost I have been at it for a week to get help with this stuff

a certain code with counters

What does the player have to do to trigger it?

they step on the trigger and the counter goes up, when it reaches the certain code (lets say 1234) it grants the item (golden keycard) if everything is correct

look at the last guide I posted

Okay. Are the counters linked to the properties? What device is the block code running in? Are you using a checker instead?

the 3/10 one thats the one I got stuck on as you could see in the replies

what do you mean by that

How are you checking what the code is? I would suggest having a trigger → triggerloop → checker setup.

how does that happen, maybe wingwave is working on one to help me do it

I would want to wait and see what he replies so we dont waste his time

You know the trigger that you step on to enter the code? Add one if you don’t. Wire a checker to it, having it check the values of the four properties.

Are your properties named and linked to your counters? I noticed that they all have the same name.

You could build off something like this:

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Wingwave, he could use a checker, now that they properly work. It might make more sense.