Annex to help me please

code removed due to flags

No codes on the forum!


Uh, I think you misunderstood. Codes aren’t allowed. When @ClicClac told you to make a help post, he didn’t mean make a help post with a code on it.


the tags are not relavent

ok my bad guys ill ask for help in the discord

Or you could explain your problem and we could help you here?

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well it is complicated that is why I need someone to annex me and help me

I dont explain stuff very well

go to this
Then go to code sharing and post your code

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Just say what you want in your game, and then we’ll build off that.


blocked cuz of my school

Exactly. We have from two to nine months helping people in GKC, bad explanations and all. We can help without codes.


Wow, time sure flies when you’re spending an insane amount of time on the forums over the summer.


I’ve been on for like 3 months now. You probably didn’t even remember when I joined. Time is really, really, fast.

ok so I need help making a code system with triggers and if the check is right it grants a gold keycard

Actually, I do. You sounded pretty smart. Now, let’s get back to helping.

What does it check for?

images would alot for me since I get lost I have been at it for a week to get help with this stuff

a certain code with counters