Animal Suggestions

what should i make please tell me :grinning:
oh and whoever gets i don’t know like 5 hearts ill make something for them

Make a cat

please make a ferret!

What animal do you what? I can make a prototype.

anything please that will do most

A polar bear. Also, can you put the question in the body of the post next time, and not in the title?

I corected the title and sure I can make a few things for you @LegendaryAceX.


thanks @WolfTechnology

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Your Welcome

A weird fish with a butter sword.

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do a penguin, armadillo, and crab and have them vote on which one they like the most.
(These animals are random)

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dog <000000000000000>

If you’re asking for a hard one, then maybe a hybrid of a pig and a parrot!


That only works if it’s letters and only letters. No space, no numbers.

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