An "On Topic" questions

Why cant i find my game when i look it up on search?
How come if my game isn’t on latest anymore and i unpublish it it cost additional gimsbucks?
How come there is no system where you can search up any player you want and Collab with them
These categories need improving, where are questions?
Please don’t flag this again, because I don’t understand these categories
and i read the thing y’all wanted and it didn’t help

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Ummm… . The gimkit search engine is weird so look up something in the description and for the other stuff idk

  1. Search your games by description, not title.
  2. It isn’t on latest since people make maps all the time, and I don’t know if you have to pay again.
  3. That would be very complicated, Gimkit is a game for school.
  4. Help is questions.
  5. I won’t flag you.

Also, on this post, take off the ideas

These questions aren’t relevant to GKC, but here’s the answers.

  • Are you spelling your game name right? (If you are, chances are it could’ve got removed. Search by the description, it that helps.)
  • I don’t know why you would, because I haven’t heard it cost money to unpublish a map. (It costs to publish a map, (unless you have season ticket) but not to unpublish one.)
  • You can’t, and that’s not relevant to GKC here. (Unless you ask someone here and they say yes.)
  • In the Help section, where you can see questions about map-making. NOT off-topic irrelevant things, unless they don’t know.
  • Read forum-beginners and forum-tips for more help about navigating the forum, and also try completing the beginner’s tutorial and advanced tutorial.
  • Also, I can’t promise I won’t flag you. That depends on what you decide to do next.

I removed ideas, since that tag is for ideas in Gimkit Creative.

I’m not regular so I have to ask others to add/ remove stuff :cry:

but it was about creative

FYI: Go to your map, Settings > Publish > See your map link.

No comment.

You just need to be on-topic, like questions related to GKC. Then you won’t get flagged.

It might just happen in a future update, who knows?

The forum is more about the actual building and thumbnail bit, not really the other stuff. I get your point tho