An Idea and A Question (or 2)

TL;DR: Is Simon Says possible in Gimkit. How do you make a poll with percentages? Can you make global properties/variables?

Idea: Is it possible to make Simon Says in Gimkit? I will be experimenting but if anyone finds an answer please make a guide or comment in this topic. if you don’t it’s fine but I was wondering about making a puzzle and Simon says would be the main mechanic behind it. Again, I will be experimenting on this as well and make sure it has a working randomizer (this will be more complicated than a regular randomizer bc it has to be memorized in the game if yk what I mean). If it is not possible at the moment then at least someone tried.

Question: Is it possible to make a poll with percentages IN GKC? I don’t think there is a way but, can you make global variables/properties (They should definitely add a device or update the properties device for this)? I think that I could probably make a voting system and add some block code for percentages formula but I am going to start getting busy and getting my life back together, or something like that, so I want a direct answer I can collect passively.

Yes, I typed a lot but I had a lot on my mind. Thx for all the help in advanced!!!


ahhh yes another (possibly) complicated game idea! ik its possilbe

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I’m not even going to try to make Simon Says yet, I have too many projects. Making a poll with percentages isn’t that bad though. You should get a separate property for each vote, then tally up the votes. Divide the first property by the total amount of votes and multiply it by 100, and repeat those operations on every property that has votes in it. I can probably explain this better tomorrow, sorry about the poor explanation now.


I do have a question for this but I’ll wait for tomorrow or whenever you post! Don’t lose sleep over it bc I have a week or 2 b4 I might go off for studying and stuf


Do else ifs work for randomizing? js discovered it was a thing in blocks


wait who/what is js?

js = just (faster to type)

UPDATE: I’m really close to making a Simon says TYPE game. I’m still working things out and help is still appreciated. I could make legit Simon Says but I don’t have the time and it would break my cranium with a bump

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