An Emoji in Popup

I would know how to put an emoji in popup, but I want to know if it’s possible to put something from like Tag Domination popup. Every time you earn like something from like an item granter in Tag Domintion, a popup will show saying you purchased this. Above, there is a picture of speed boost, more energy and stuff like that. Is there to put it into popup in GKC, also I know how to do it in Vending Machine, but not so sure about popups.

Pretty sure you can’t do this yet

You can add a emoji and just press enter a few times before your text. But you can’t get a custom image like TD.

Oh, okay! Also @MirMirCreates , I know the icon things for Vending Machine! Wondering if you can do it in POPUPS.

Never knew that existed.

No because there is no upload file part.

Well, I’ve seen it in exitance!

Hmm. Let me look

oh, 8 months of forum and i am still learning.

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Yep. I’ve only been on the forum for 2 months, and I found that icon thing in existance!

Yes, its in all options.
Screenshot 2024-02-28 6.06.10 PM

But isn’t that for Vending Machine?

No, its for the popup too. Like I said, its in all options

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Really?! Let me take a look.

Well thanks for the update, i now have that bookmarked!


Yep, that’s something new. I’m also bookmarking it, but thanks for the help @MirMirCreates !

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