Among Us Task Bar at 5 instead of 0 for Crewmates when they spawn (PLEASE HELP ME)

I’m making an Among Us map, some of you might already know this because of my past posts, and I’m turning to you guys for help. again. I’m using the shield for a task bar, and for some reason crewmates spawn with 5 health, and the task bar counter is at one. I’ve already fixed the counter, but I’m confused on why my solution for the shield isn’t working. Heres what I have:

Team 1 = Crewmates
Oh and another thing is that only the crewmates spawn with 5 shield, not the imposters.
Can someone plz help me

Ok, so I made a little replica after reading this, and here’s what you have to do to make it work. Make the lifecycle transmit on game start at game start, and have the damager deal as much damage as it should to leave 5 damage. (Im using 145 damage bc I have 150 health.) Next, make sure that the counter starts at 5 instead of 0. The problem you have here is because you didn’t prompt the damager with a channel. Hope this helps!

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no the problem is that they spawn at 5 when they’re supposed to spawn a 0. And imposters for some reason don’t have this issue, because they spawn at 0 for some reason and crewmates spawn at 5

Yes, the system I used solved this problem. I’ll send a screenshot.

See, the counter started at 5 and the health did, too.

no i dont want it be at 5 i need it to be at 0 when spawning

You’re confusing me. Can you explain?

Is this it?

The task bar is supposed to be at 0 when the game starts, but for some reason it starts at 5 for crewmates only. I’m trying to fix it so that Crewmates spawn at 0 for the task bar.


ye. i fixed the counter, but the shield still is at 5 for crewmates when they spawn

Oh, ok. Is the picture above what you wanted?

i used team switchers to switch crewmates team to team 3 and then back to team 1 because that makes it remove all shield becuase my starting shield is 0%


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