Among Us Systems and Task Guides

I know I very rarely make help post, I have made like less than 20 of my time being on the forum so this is rare to see me post something like this, but I do need a bit of help.
So for Gim Jam I am using my Among Us map(Yes I got access to it again) and will try to win with it. But as I said in the guide, “this was made on may 23” so all the systems were not made and there is a lot of random devices everywere that do not work. So instead of me having to go search for each system and task, I thought it would be smarter if i just put it under one post. So can you find all the working system and task guides for me? Thanks

I think this has everything except one. You are doing skeld, right? If its another map idk…

They’ve been compiling them for a while

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Yeah it skeld, which one is it missing?

Prime shields

oh, well has that been made or no?

Not yet, i think someone’s making it

Oh well thanks for the guide.

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