Among us in gimkit

A new game I am working on, I am not sure when it is going to be released but if anybody has ideas that would be great to tell me if you want, I was thinking about adding lore, sadly it has some bugs so the game release date can be extended, if you do want to help me please say so.

Also credits to adobe for helping me make the title.

Thank you

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This guide should help.

A lot of people contributed to it and it’s the Full Among Us Guide!

Recategorized the #category and removed unecessary tags.

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Nice idea! I’ve seem multiple people already attempt Among Us, but never completely finish it and debug it, due to the stress of it. Because of that, I warn you, don’t stress out too much on an online education game! You have unlimited time to do it! Take breaks when necessary.

(love that cover picture, too)