Among Us Fatten Up Sabotage (Unofficial)

Welcome! Most of you might have an among us game and with among us, you need sabotages.

This guide assumes that you have a sabotage menu already working.

You should make a popup that opens on the channel you use to open your sabotage.

It should have settings that look like this. You can change it if you want.

Create two call to actions like this.

The fatten up choice is to decide if you will get fattened up too, so you don’t look suspicious.

So, make another popup that opens up when you broadcast on fatten up choice.

Create two call to actions like this.

You can change the channel names.

Create two relays. Make them both broadcast on fatten up, but make sure they broadcast on different people. Make one broadcast for all people, and one broadcast for all people on team 1, or your crewmates team.

Make a speed modifier that sets it to the speed you want it to be and make it activated when fatten up is broadcasted.

I set it to 0.75 speed.

You are done with the sabotage!

Now, to fix it, there are multiple different ways. The way I like to do it is they are given a certain amount of energy. They have to use a movement meter to use up that energy. An inventory item manager checks to see when they are out of energy. Once they run out, it can broadcast on a channel that undoes the sabotage.

You are finished!

Thanks for reading, and have fun with your among us maps!

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Wow! This looks very funny! I think I’ll use this!

Very nice guide. I would never have thought of this.

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Wow! Thank you!

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You could kind of link with my sabotage map popup, too!

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Is that a grammar error I made?

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Where did I put it?

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Wait nevermind. It’s supposed to be like that

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This is a much more lighthearted sabotage.

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How does your sabotage popup system work?

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Nice guide!

Thank you!

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Nice Guide!
Fatten Up :skull:


You don’t have to do that, you delete your post.

That’s what happens when you delete your post.


lol, thanks!


This is funny and it’s interesting. I might have to add it in my among us map!

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Welcome to the forums @Coyotesage!

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum @Coyotesage! I hope you feel welcomed (more welcomed than me!)

Is there a guide on the “sabotage menu”?