Among us body idea

I need a way to sense when someone picks up a red seed. I want it to be able to relay a message that teleports all people to a specific place. I already have a message that does that, I just need a way to activate it when a red seed is picked up.

one way is to just connect a wire from the seed to the text relay to activate it. oh you mean to teleport the players?

The relay transmits to a teleporter, which teleports everyone to the teleporter

Yeah, but when someone “dies” from the impostor, they drop a red seed indicating the dead body. How do I get that to work?

hm… that’s a tough one.

Yeah I already have the teleportation to a place using a button to call a meeting but I need some way to get it to work without a item spawner or button.

hmmm, that’s kinda difficult

honestly don’t know if this is possible.

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