Ammo Inventory Item Manager Bug

If you have ammo inside your weapon, say a snowball launcher, then the IIM will not count the snowballs that are inside the snowball launcher.


Hmmm so if i had 192u03872038092k2 snowballs then i could EVADE the LIMIT hehehehhehe this is interesting tho, it might cause problems for people trying to make them start with no ammo

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I need this for a game that tracks clicks and it won’t tracks the snowballs.


i think this is intentional as the snowballs in the snowball launcher are in use therefore not usable for anything else and cannot be tracked

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This isn’t intentional. You’re just stating the logic that it runs in. Nothing in that design logic suggests that its intentional.

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ok ok chill (im a confusing and confused man sometimes sorry :sweat_smile:) but 50/50 might be

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So what is the issue with ammo?

he wants to track the ammo inside the weapon

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can’t you just look at the number in the mag and how much is inyour inventory?

not like that its for a mechanic like he wants to track it in devices

Do you think the computer can see the number in the gun?

What do you mean by computer?

I want the property to store it.

Oh, like a timer or button on the screen that displays your ammo?

i cast my doubts unless you can do something that tracks the beginning ammo you have say like you have 7/7 ammo in the gun and 7 more left we need a way to track the total ammo basically and just subtract it like a property would but there probs is no way to track the total ammo in a property yet

but as i said

i might be wrong and could have just said what has already been said

@getrithekd, are you using a system with it? if you do, can you walk me through the system build, I have a few theories I can test

I want to know if the player has fired a shot though.

I just need to track if the player clicks something. I want to improve my system from using overlays.

oh i see now u want to use the iim to track the shots fired that is currently not possible rn sorry tho it may be possible if they make like you said where the iim tracks ammo in the weapon not just only in inventory

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