Always in Spectator Mode

I j0ined a game in Gimkit, but I was in spectator mode. One time, i was in, but my character was in spectator! HELP!

Can I see pictures please?

Did you do “late players j0in spectaters”?

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If its severe.

If your friend, (If you have any, joke, lol.) joined your server then trolled you, then uh oh.

But maybe make sure to check all your team switchers and devices.

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Um, I was knocked out in the one I was in.

So it’s no longer a problem?

@Txme_Lxss, I was not the host.

It is! This happens all the time!

Ok, so is it the same person you j0in every time? @Dark_Hydra

Wait, so are your like, wait what are you playing then? Like some one elses map?

YES! Exactly! Finally…

Explain your wording

Then why are you reporting this as a bug? If your doing someone elses map, it might be intentional, and don’t know the reason why…

Do you j0in the same person’s game every time the bug happens? Or is it multiple people?

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No, I play on different maps.


When did this bug start? Is it on Don’t Look Down Creative?

No, on Normal Creative.

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Maybe reset your computer or like restart it. Maybe its just a bug, as Josh said, DLD is buggy, but it might have affected other things too.

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How much memory does the map use?
Have you done?:

  • Refreash
  • Open and Close
  • Eat banana

1# Yes. 2: Yes. 3: Yes. I tried all of those.

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