🖌 AlvinFun's Art Gallery (Summer Edition)

Welcome to @AlvinFun’s Summer Art Gallery. Here is a list of some of my art made on Gimkit Creative that you could use in your Map or Game. Note that I did not make this a wiki. I will only add a few pieces of my artwork in this post. Artwork #5 really isn’t mine. It’s just multiple emojis.

Summer Artwork 1 of 5: Tidal Wave

“Uh Oh! A Huge Monster Wave Coming!”

  • Add the sand (any color), water (any color), and a bunch of wave emojis and build it like this.

Summer Artwork 2 of 5: Fishing Pier with Hut

“We need supplies before we can go fishing.”

  • First, for the pier, add some water, fences, and a boat.
  • Finally, for the hut, add some logs, some signs, and some text looking like this (look above).

Summer Artwork 3 of 5: Mini Wave on a Sand Pile

“Awww! How cute is that wave?”
Mini Wave on a Sand Pile

  • Just add some water, sand, a sand pile, and a wave emoji looking like this above.

Summer Artwork 4 of 5: Bonfire

“Whoa! Now that’s a huge CAMPFIRE!”

  • Add some sand (any color), some logs, and a bunch of fire emojis and make it look like this.

Summer Artwork 5 of 5: Thunderstorm

“[Rumble] There’s a T-Storm Coming!”

  • Just add a bunch of thunderstorm emojis looking like this above.

Thanks for viewing. Now which is your favorite? Choose up to 3.

Which of these Artwork are your Favorites? (Choose up to 3)
  • Tidal Wave
  • Fishing Pier with Hut
  • Mini Wave on a Pile
  • Bonfire
  • Thunderstorm
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no offense, but without instructions, it’s kinda like a showcase

This looks so good! I might use this…

the bonfire reminds of the forums status.


What forum status are you talking about?

I have added some minor instructions. Sorry if I rushed it.

bump this bc it’s summer

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