Alternating gate logic help

So, I’m working on a pixel display. However, I need some help. I need to figure out the logic so that I can send a channel on pix 1-1, and it changes between sending pix 1-1 on
and pix 1-1 off. (preferably only channels or wires, I’m going to have to make a ton of these things and I don’t want to deal with the memory usage or the annoyance of block code when I don’t have to.)

There are two ways to do this: with a counter or with block code. But first, how long does it take for the channels to change?

first you get a lifecycle that listens for game start. then you place a wire repeater with a delay of no seconds. wire the lifecycle to the “pix” like this
"event happened—> show the “pix”. wire the lifecycle to the wire repeater like this
“event happened—> repeat the pulse”. add another wire repeater with a delay of however much seconds you want. wire the wire repeaters together like
"pulse recieved—>repeat the pulse. then "pulse repeated—> hide “pix”. wire that repeater to the other repeater, and your done, it will alternate on and off! ._.

that works too :confused:

please mark a solution if you found one!

Set a property and make that broadcast on the channel “pix 1-1”. Use checkers to interpret the property.

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I appreciate the help, but that’s not what I meant. I meant something that sends out a pulse on channel 1, and the next time it gets a pulse it sends on channel 2, then it sends on channel one next pulse, and so on.
If you play Minecraft, I essentially need something like the copper bulb: it sends out a different signal based on how many times it is activated.

To answer @getrithekd, I’m trying to avoid using properties as well. This system will need to be copied several if not dozens of times even for the most simple pixel displays, so I’m trying to only use things like triggers and channels when possible.


What about trigger activation states? You activate the trigger you want and then trigger both triggers. Only the one that’s active would trigger though.

I tried doing that, but a little differently. I had two triggers, that both triggered on one channel. When one went, it would lock itself and unlock the other. However, I think AOU got the best of me.

It would, because you didn’t specify beforehand which one should trigger. You need to state which one will be active and which one will be inactive beforehand to make it work.