All season ticket gimw

plz can you get me a picture of all the season 1 gims

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check this


You beat me to it :laughing:


This is a Canva with every trail, GIM, and sticker from Gimkit
have fun

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I think they just want the first season ones :slight_smile:

yeah I can read
Well I gave them all of them

I wasn’t trying to make any conflict…

why would you go out of your way to make conflict?

hehehehe he gotcha there


That was very unnecessary.

geez im sorry i just thought It was funny

you said that you’re trying to make conflict

@ChompytheDragon , if @Zvstheworld 's post solved your problem, please mark their post as a solution. People can’t just have good manners

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says you.
you said you wanted conflict.

??? Read the post again.

ha ha.
you edited it.

Because it was a goofy typo. Just stop.

The forums is not a place for fighting BACK ON TOPIC

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This could have all been avoided if some people knew that we all are not perfect.

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