All of my maps are LOCKED! Is there anyway I can unlock them? It won’t even let me buy the season ticket!

This is my first time buying the season ticket because I figured I would be able to save the maps I made! This is ridiculous! Is there at least a way I can choose which ones to have open and leave the rest closed until i get the ticket?

No, you have to delete the ones in red before you can access them… But you should be able to buy it…

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No, there’s a glitch with the season ticket right now, if you bought it last season, it shows that you still have it. You can’t unlock them unless you buy a new season


happened to me too and I’m really angry because i can acces my other 13 maps

Well, anyone who had last season’s ticket should’ve been paying attention, as it locks all of your maps except three. And you shouldn’t be surprised, as it said that on the ticket.

it wont let me buy this season ticket

its a bug, they’re fixing it.

yes josh said its a bug and is being patched.

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