All members of a certain team enter zone together, end the game

Correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t you use properties to measure how many people are in a game? If so, then that may be your best option.

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Let me see if i can figure that out.

I think i would need an explaination

I’ll try to find a guide that can explain it.

How would I make a property update when a player enters the game?

use a live player counter to track how many players there are

How many teams are there in the game you’re making?

2 (20 charector limit)

K I used this…. Now what?

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the hard part is gonna be getting it to split the total # of players in half, which I don’t know how to do.

Lifecycle → relay(all players) → trigger(only triggerable by team 2, delay 1 second) in block code [increase global property” team 2 players” by 1, broadcast on a channel that calls the relay again]

(this is a live player counter for team 2)

Player enters zone → trigger(triggerable by team 2) → increase counter
Players leaves zone → trigger(triggerable by team 2) → decrease counter

Counter updates global property “team two in zone”

Property value changes → trigger in block code[if property team two in zone = team 2 players broadcast on “end game”]

This should work no matter how many players you have on either team and be live, updating if players j0in or leave team 2

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I don’t need it in half. It is 1 player (team 1) verses everyone else (team 2)

oh, my mistake.
Maybe make the host the one player and use spawn pads to make them spawn somewhere else and switch teams.
For the player counter, just subtract one from the property I believe.

This makes sense. I will try it and get back…

Ok. Just mention me if you need anymore help!

Also the leaving and entering a zone will not register if they are teleporter in or out so don’t use teleporters or it could break the system

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I am a bit confused about this …. Could you send a picture?



Also, do you need more than one trigger?

basically when a player enters or leaves a zone it triggers a trigger that can only be used by team two

sorry if I’m wrong

Yeah, but how can i have it do two things at once?
(Only one spot for channels)