Aight so once a sentry is dead

so how can i do it so once a sentry is defeated, it will only respawn after recieving from a signal/wire

yay helpers

Sentry knocked out → Wire repeater (repeat the wire pulse)

When the wire repeater receives a pulse → Deactivate Sentry

When [event] occurs → Activate sentry.

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can i do this with a checker?

It depends.

when target amount

When target value reached → Activate sentry.

but if he died already…

That’s why I put “When sentry knocked out → Deactivate sentry”.

can it repeat?

Yes it can.

can i have screeny (I am dum)

I have it so once you defeat 4 henchman adds incerment to checker the big boss spawns

I think checkers are really glitchy with properties, unless they fixed that while i was gone, so if u use properties with that, it might not work.

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