I noticed there are no recreations of in gimkit. Is it possible to compare two player’s scores and let the player with the bigger score eat the other player? I’m good at block coding but I can’t think of a way to do this.

Ye its possible. Not too hard either. Just set a player property to increase upon picking up the xp stuff. When players touch (using a coordinate system) check who has the higher property value and knockout the one that has less

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Exactly what I was about to say.

The problem is that you would need a visual way to see who is bigger than you.

Also, bigger people need a bigger hitbox. Maybe a coordinate system?

we could make when the pixelator comes!

We always could, and that’s starting to enter the border of off-topic.

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What if we use speed instead of size? More points equals slower gim.


For anyone else, basically in you can eat pellets that are randomly spawned on the ground to become a bigger cell and get a higher score, you can also halve your size to shoot it in the direction of your joystick/mouse (to eat the opponent if they’re smaller than your current halved size) and you can also just eat players by running into them. Maybe you can use a tag zone and properties?

my idea is to make a waypoint for all players showing their score

that’s already a feature in, the problem is you’re supposed to be stronger when you level up