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Hey guys, ive been working on a game for a couple years and just published it, its called D Day Map. Tell me if you like it!

Hey, welcome to the forums @21FiShY !

Unfortunately, the off-topic tag is NOT an excuse to off-topic post. Please make sure you’re also advertising your map - you cannot advertise your maps here. Please avoid doing these in the forums in the future, thanks!

Also, this isn’t really a guide…

Um, first of all, this is an advertisement. Seconds of all, it’s impossible to work on a map for several years as GKC’s only been out since summer.

Could a @trust_level_3 please change the title and category?

Please remember that this is only for gimkit not for other games.

I think they left. they’re user thing isn’t displaying any info whatsoever. nevermind. my computer froze, thats all. anyways, welcome to the forums, @21FiShY, I hope you enjoy your time here with us :slight_smile:

Guys, chill out.

They just joined the forums, so they probably didn’t know this was a rule in the forums.

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:frowning: I was trying to be nice

No, it’s okay. I was talking to GimSolver and Groovy.

welcome to the forums!
yes, as @GimSolver and @FersionSpeedy have stated, advertising is not allowed. although, you could add it into your bio if you’d like.

@Shadow.exe it was like that before, they have just joined.

No, my computer froze, It wasn’t displaying anything for them.

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ah, ok

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At least I was trying to be nice about it.

Yeah, somewhat my computer closed out the forum and i couldn’t enter back. I came back, and now the forum is in extreme high overload.


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@21FiShY said a couple of years, but it HAS only been out since summer. ( Of 2023… I think )

that’s exactly what I said…

look, people over-exagerate, sometimes to the point of it not making sense. It also could have been a careless accident.

Uhh not really what you said… but okay.

Same it is super glitchy on mine though.

to who was that directed?