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How would I make it, so that if one team interacts with something (preferably a button), they get teleported to location A, and if another team interacts with something, they get teleported to location B?

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Place a teleporter and under channels set “teleport here when reciving on” to whatever channel you want. Then, under the button, have it broadcast on that channel when pressed. If you want to have it teleport a whole team, then have the button trigger a relay set to team broadcast on that channel. I hope this helps!

It’s useful, but not exactly helpful. I think my problem is that one button can’t send on two channels…



What if I use wires and channels at the same time?

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So want to teleport both teams when the button is pressed? If so, just set the relay to all players.

No, let me explain.

Spoilers about my next game

I’m trying to build Tic-Tac-Toe, but I need a turn system that lets team one claim a square, then then team 2, then team 1 again. I already have the code for the claiming, but I can’t figure out how to kick out one team, and bring the other in at the same time.

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When a square is claimed (The button is pressed by someone on the team you want to teleport out) have the button trigger a relay that broadcasts for all members on team, on a channel. In a teleporter, have the teleporter set up to "teleport here when reciving on " to the channel the relay broadcasts on. This will teleport out the team that just played. For teleporting the next team in I’m not sure how you would trigger that.

maybe two teleporters and one of them is set to “teleport here when receiving on (channel)” and the other one is set to “teleport to target when receiving on (channel)” and put down a target teleporter, you should only need to send out one channel for that.

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Thanks! I think I almost figured it out!

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Cool! Let me know if you run into any more problems!


Problem solved, and it wasn’t that complex. Posting it in Community Made Guides

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Don’t steal this…


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lol. That’s so cool!

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Use wire repeaters. They block signals if not from one team.

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