Adding speed rather than setting speed? [RESOLVED]

How would I go about adding speed rather than setting speed? I want to have multiple speed upgrades in which add 10% (from original) speed for each one. I want them to be in different places as well.

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Put Speed Modifiers and Vending Machines around the map.
First do what I said above.
Next put the speed modifiers to whatever speed you want for the player.
Then wire the speed modifiers to the vending machines.
Put the Vending Machines to whatever the player needs to purchase.
Also put the vending machines to transmit on channel (don’t put anything on the channel thing)
There you go!

The thing about this is that it won’t work due to the speed modifiers rather than adding speed, it sets the speed. If I were to add 2 vending machines, one a 1.1 speed and another at 1.2 speed, if I bought the 1.1 speed, then the 1.2 speed it would be 1.2 speed, rather than 1.3 speed (adding them together). How would I make it so it would add rather than set the speed?

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I don’t think it is possible to add speed, only set it. Sorry :frowning:

There seems to be a way to “add” speed with multiple speed modifiers, but I just need a bit of help on how to make multiple different buttons that “add” on to the speeds without any sort of order.

Basically multiple buttons, each one should “add” speed.
To do that, when one of the buttons gets clicked then the speed will increase (by setting the speed modifier above the currently used one).
Is there a way to do this?

With lots of blocks, if & and statements specifically

Josh and Jeff did it in CTF and Tag: Domination.
I think you could just make a speed property and use a bunch of if statements.
Or you could make it so that you can only buy a speed upgrade after you buy the lower ones.

Yeah, I think the way they did it was by just making four speed levels and setting them whenevery the palyer buys the updgrade

you can use a counter and then when you buy from a vending machine it increases it by 1 and then have two or more counters, each with different target values, and each activates a different speed modifier, so like if you bought once, it would be 1.1 speed, and twice would be 1.2 speed, instead of connecting to a speed modifier immediately

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So what I’ve done is create a property for the amount of speed, then I broadcast fishspeed[speed property] and when that gets broadcasted, it gets received by the corresponding speed modifier, therefore setting the speed at the correct amount.

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Just make a property for speed and add to it whenever the player buys from the vending machine. Let me know if you need more help.

This wont work due to me needing multiple in any order, but ive already solved it (it wont let me edit the post for some reason). Thanks for trying!

It will, just use the addition block.

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I don’t know if anyone said this, but you make a transmit on channel vending machine, then make however many tiers of upgrades you want, and create a counter for each one. Then, wire all the counters to a player speed modifier set to player and set all of the counters to player. Then set their goals for how many upgrades you made EX: 6, 1,2,3,4,5,6. Every time someone purchases the upgrade the counters should go up and you should be able to get consecutive upgrades.