Adding Numbers to Properties in Blocks?

So I am working on something where the property “Kelp” is linked to a specific player as is the collection rate property. So when I run the system it adds it to all of the player’s properties. Please help.
(P.S) Yes I did set the scope to player on the property.

That is right… What is the problem?

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The main problem is for some reason it adds the number to all of the player’s separate properties.

Do you mean every player has this? If you are using a relay, make sure it is correct.
And both of the Properties are player-scoped…

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So make sure the scope that the trigger receives on is player. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what won’t.

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The trigger receives a signal from an overlay button through a wire. I’m not sure how there could be a problem there.

Yes, I set both the properties to be player scoped.

This happens to me!

How did you solve that problem?

I couldn’t… It worked fine, but I couldn’t display the properties value, maybe you can use an item to keep track of a property?

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I will try that but it may be inconvenient for the game I am working on.

Same, I tried trouble-shooting but I think it’s a bug

Setting variables to a variable is also a bug I think.

Make sure the thing triggering the blocks is player scoped

It works in my racing map…

I already said before, the thing that is triggering the block IS player scoped.

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I also think that it may be a bug as I checked that all of them were player scoped.

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@PaddingtonBear Check the overlay device and make sure that it is set to player also if your using a counter to update “Player Collection Rate” make sure that is also set to player. Also, make sure both properties are numbers.

To test if the collection property is the same for everyone, make the leaderboard track that property.