Account Reset Help


I bring sad news. I wish to reset my account, email and everything.

My reasoning for this is private.

I will probably create a new account. But can someone tell me how to reset? That will be all, thanks.

You can ask the mods by messaging them.
Go to your GKC forums sidebar (on the left) and click on the 3 dots (“More”). Click on groups. Go to the moderators group, then, in the top-ish right corner, click message. Write your message to them there. It will create a private post that only you and the mods can see.

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You can probably abandon the account or delete it. If you don’t want to do these things, message the moderators.

(steps are above from this post, thx Kosmo!)

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How would I delete the Account.

by messaging the mods…
if you’re leaving then o7 to you

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I’m just thinking about it, these forums aren’t any good anymore. I just wanted to have this info for the time that I do decide to leave.

fr. I joined way too late but I see why the forums are how they currently are and why no one likes it.

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Yeah, when I joined, EVERYBODY was so welcoming and inclusive. Now, you just get 10,000 thumbnail Request a day.

some thumbnails requests is ok, even though it’s a symbol of no one putting in effort to do it most of the time (unless of some conditions like: the person is not feeling well, they are busy, they can’t access websites). It’s really just there to keep the forums a little more alive albeit it kind of destroys the forums as well.

well, you can go to preferences → security → set password reset email, click the link in your email and change your password to a bunch of random letters
and go to every category and set all of them to muted

Yeah, I’m not saying the post are bad. It’s… just bland.

I already tried that, it ask for a confirmation email to the fake email before you can do anything.

what really sucked is that I joined right before it started happening so I thought it was ok :skull:

Wait, are you talking about your forums account or your actual gimkit account?

Just email

They are sure to give you a response in a couple of hours.

I joined in like Dec 4. It was relatively peaceful for a bit.

I joined in sep 7 I think, everybody was bustling with new ideas. Ahhh, the old days. Now everybody from that era has/is banned themselves, left, or just completely disappeared, like NavyCatZ.


They should go just try to make their own on canva

you can go to preferences —> tracking —> muted categories —> art… then you don’t get those anymore

oh yeah I forgot about that!