[Accidentally duplicate guide]

Just to let you guys know. He requested this to be here since he couldn’t be on the forums.

Step 1. Make your map:

Step 2. Go to your flags and add invisible vending machines

Step 3.
Make the cost whatever cost you want, and make the item that you earn a sentry to guard your base. Make multiple of these to make it like the barriers in capture the flag; surrounding your base.

Step 4.
You can also make un-invisible vending machines around your map with different weapons, so you knock players out by using gadgets instead of tagging them.

If you have feedback, I will tell him!


Isn’t there already a guide for this?

nice guide tho its surpisingly simple for a tug so maybe ask a regular to make a wiki bout it

i totally forgot to search ._. well this guide isnt by me tho

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Try to search before posting; You don’t want to cause clutter. Plus, my guide may have more info than this…

um this is really short…

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so do i get rid of this guide or what?

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I can change it to devices if you want (won’t flag it)

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